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Advice and support
What support and advice is available?
There is an abundance of advice and support available throughout Australia. Much of it is provided by the government and is free. We encourage everybody to make use of these services as they can greatly enhance your learning and general understanding about starting, running and growing your business.

Events and seminars
Hundreds of events, workshops and seminars are run every year throughout Australia. They can educate you on a wide range of business related topics such as writing marketing plans, applying for finance and much more.

Click this link to search for events, seminars or workshops in your local area: Events calendar

Government initiatives
As a small business, you may be eligible to access a significant range of assistance programs including business advisory and referral services. You may also be able to benefit from a range of tax concessions, export finance and insurance services, workplace services and Job Network services.

Click this link to learn more: Government initiatives

What else can you do?

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Your site is one of the most simple, yet comprehensive sites I've had the pleasure of using, a truly fantastic product.
Callum Gillman

Your website is fantastic. It is so nice to see a company genuinely simplify a process rather than complicate it.
Chris Elliot

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